HollowFear is an innovative and challenging game. It brings together best of different genres. As it combines elements of role playing, tower defense and fast paced action/arcade games, it will put your prudence, tactical thinking, reflexes and accuracy to the test.
It started up 4 years ago, as a hobby project of a man, passionate about game development. It is currently in a late development phase, and will be released in Q2 2015 for PC, Mac and Linux.


Character development You develop your character in a typical, role playing manner. Upgrading your base attributes, skills, and purchasing ever more powerful gear as you go. There is no grinding. After you choose the right gear, you jump straight into action. However, as combat is action oriented, and your skills (spells) only of supportive nature, your character’s and gear’s statistics will only partially influence the outcome. Your accuracy and reflexes play a major role as well.


Action gameplay Weapons you use, have different sizes and shapes of attack zones. With each swing, you only hit those enemies that are inside the attack zone. Weapons with large attack zone can hit multiple enemies at a time, and make it easier to aim while you move. On the other hand, weapons with small attack zone, can only hit a single enemy at a time, are more difficult to aim with when moving, but make it up with massive damage. Attack zones contribute significantly to intriguing, fast paced combat, requiring some certain degree of skill.
Using your shieldFurthermore, your health does not regenerate during gameplay, and healing is relatively expensive. Conserving health is important. You can either dodge enemy attacks by fast and smart movement, or block them using your shield. By putting yourself to defense stance, all the attacks comming from within your shield’s defense zone will be blocked. Be wary however, that shields only have limited durability, so finding the right balance between healing, dodging and blocking will be the key.
Ranged weaponsRanged weapons come in very handy when you want to engage enemies from a safe distance, or chase away enemy archers. Your PowerShots, when used correctly, and combined with skills and auras that boost ranged damage, can be extremely deadly aswell. With some accuracy and practice, ranged weapons will be your lifesaver on a regular basis.


Action gameplay Allied defense towers will very often be vital for your survival. They do a great deal of damage. As long as they are not destroyed, that is. Unfortunately, that can happen quite quickly if you forget to go back when needed, to defend and repair them. Victory points, on the other hand, are often your main objectives, and cannot be repaired, so you must defend them at all cost. Luckily, there’s a cheap teleport skill with low cooldown at your disposal, to quickly return back to defend those in need. Managing your defense towers, and protecting your victory points, help creating fast paced and tactical gameplay dynamics.
Action gameplayCompanions are brave countrymen who follow you into battle and submit to your orders. You can give them direct orders, or simply let them follow you and engage enemies at their own will. Like towers, you will be able to purchase companion ugprades, improving their armor and weapons, giving them new skills, etc., to increase their effectiveness.


Action gameplay The game is set in a medieval land of Carantania, a first Slavic principality, that emerged in the second half of the 7th century, in the territory of present-day Slovenia. Storyline is based on Slavic mythology, and old Slovenian legends and tales, a little break from all Nordic and Ancient Greek mythlogy we are used to seeing in majority of RPG games. Story will be linear, supporting 16 levels of gameplay.


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