We are very excited to have an early, but highly playable demo build of 3 levels freely available for you to test it out. Download it from one of the following links:

  • (not available at the moment, we’re preparing a new version, hold on for a day or two)

If you like the demo, and want to see the game finished as soon as possible, with lots of new high quality content and polish, please support us.

Demo Level

Note however, that learning curve of this demo is very steep. Much steeper than it will be in the final release of the game. We did that intentionally, in order to quickly give you a bit of a taste where this game is headed. If you are having problems finishing it, check our Battle Tactics videos, or play the first level again, and actually read the tutorial text that pops up;).


Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 (desktop)
300 MB of free hard disk space
Graphic card with shader model 3 (directx 9c) support
512 MB of system ram


We do not officially offer any support for the demo. And even though it has been tested on various hardware, there might still be some bugs, hardware incompatibilities etc. As we will focus all our energy into finishing and polishing the final product as quickly as possible, we can not guarantee to release any demo patches. Thank you for your understanding.


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